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PBT Free Software Tools Take Away Installation Pain

Category: Products Published on Sep 25 2018

Most savvy CO and head-end techs can install all kinds of new hardware products that operators will routinely implement in their systems. However, those same techs may not be able to provision (configuration and final testing procedures) these products without being well versed in computer operation, having good networking skills, and even some command line programming. PBT has developed a set of software tools that we provide without cost to all our certified technicians, that will reduce installation complexity,  ensure installation integrity and greatly reduces installation time.

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Strengthening Relationships Through Correcting Problems

Category: General Published on Sep 25 2018

As a young field technician, I was fighting a thorny problem which kept me from successfully completing the system testing  needed to satisfy a government regulation. The problem was identified as a design flaw that affected the performance of many devices in the field.  A call to the manufacturer for help yielded this response, “We’ve never heard of that problem before. Are you sure you’re not doing something wrong?  We’ll investigate it and let you know what we find.”

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January Newsletter PBT wishes you a Happy New Year!

Category: Newsletters Published on Jan 01 2018

Good morning and welcome to 2018!! We’ve got the entire year ahead of us - let’s make it a great one together!

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Visit PBT at SCTE

Category: General Published on Oct 13 2017

Hey Cable TV folks! Is it really that time of year again already? Next week the annual SCTE Expo will be held in the Colorado Convention Center, in Denver, CO, from October 17th -20th.

Come visit with us at Booth 1100 near the entrance of the convention hall.

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SCTE Expo 2016

Category: General Published on Sep 15 2016

Are you planning to attend the SCTE Expo in Philadelphia next week? If so, you just have to make time to visit the PBT booth #1419!! This year, PBT will introduce two new products: our fourth generation site controller, the SC4, and our new low-cost controller, the SCMini-Plus. These new offerings will provide cable operators with functionality never available before.

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