PBT Free Software Tools Take Away Installation Pain

Published on Sep 26 2018

Most savvy CO and head-end techs can install all kinds of new hardware products that operators will routinely implement in their systems. However, those same techs may not be able to provision (configuration and final testing procedures) these products without being well versed in computer operation, having good networking skills, and even some command line programming. PBT has developed a set of software tools that we provide without cost to all our certified technicians, that will reduce installation complexity,  ensure installation integrity and greatly reduces installation time.

For example, instead of configuring alarm thresholds, control parameters, labels and more, which take time to do manually, PBT has developed a downloadable template (spreadsheet) that can be filled out in a matter of minutes, by any technician, and then downloaded to the controller in a single step. PBT also provides installers with software tools that gather many thousands of pieces about each installation. The tech simply runs the tool and sends the result to PBT. Almost instantly, PBT will know if the installation is fully complete or needs further attention.  

In addition, PBT offers  operators our firmware download server tool. This tool will house new firmware and send it out to all the controllers in an unattended fashion.  In environments where the operator has hundreds of devices in the field being able to add the new firmware to a single location (server) and with a flick of a switch, let the automation interrogate each controller and decide which controllers should be updated.  If an update is needed, the software will update each controller in an automated fashion until all controllers are updated.