September Newsletter

Category: Newsletters Published on Sep 01 2016

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Accelerated Development of New SC4 Features
New Network Integration Service
CTIA Super Mobility Show and the SCTE Expo

Accelerated Development of New SC4 Features

Controller Web Page
With initial deployments well underway, it is becoming clear that PBT’s new SC4 controller is by far the best battery monitoring controller on the planet! PBT is now moving quickly to add exciting new features that we have been eagerly anticipating, as we knew this day would be a game changer!! Battery monitoring systems will never be the same again.

For example, PBT’s BMS site controllers and our CellMetrix site controllers have historically been stand-alone systems, each providing different and important functionality. CellMetrix provides intelligent correlation algorithms for detecting and preventing thermal runaway and battery age-out. Our standard SC3 BMS site controller has the most comprehensive set of battery monitoring tools and features of any such device in the industry. Now, the SC4 has combined both sets of functionality in a single solution, adding more value for operators at far lower costs.

The SC4 controller is a solid state device (no moving parts and very low power consumption), which provides functionality that most BMS systems can only offer by using a combination of a controller and a computer. This can dramatically reduce the need for expensive software

IP Configuration

The SC4’s new features include powerful but dramatically simplified configuration options, including alarm thresholds, labels, IP addresses, split strings and other parameters. Configuration can be performed via the controller’s web pages, via SNMP, or with our drag and drop templating & provisioning app. ”Templating” is a method to easily “clone” setups, dramatically reducing installation time and virtually eliminating manual mistakes. Most controllers can be fully configured in less than five minutes, making controller installation, re-configuration or replacement a simple task.

For a quick visual overview of a site, the SC4 provides rich, color-coded bar graphs for each string, including parameters such as voltage, temperature and ohmic measurements.

The controller also gives the operator the ability to simply and quickly gather many years’ worth of logged data that is stored in its flash memory drive. In addition, manuals and educational videos can be obtained via the controller’s web page.

The list of new SC4 features goes on and on... The SC4 has ten times more computing power than the SC3 and features enhanced security mechanisms that no other BMS controller currently provides, including encryption. SSL and SSH can be used instead of submitting your network to the vulnerabilities of Telnet. SNMP v1 and v2c are supported, as well as SNMP v3 (encryption and guaranteed transmissions). DNP3 is also supported.

Standby for a whole new set of new features to be announced soon...

New Network Integration Service

Today, many system operators want a single software platform to monitor many or all of their network devices. PBT has always encouraged and fully supported the use of open standards. This is evidenced by the fact that our engineers authored a few of the cable TV industry’s ANSI approved HMS standards.

As a result of our unique experience, PBT offers full implementations of SNMP and DNP3 protocols (control, data acquisition and alarm) directly from the controller. No PC is required. In fact, all of our products use full implementations of standard protocols - something our competitors have been unwilling or unable to do. With this extensive background in network management software and communication protocols, it was only a matter of time until we offered a set of software integration services. These services ensures that whatever network management software operators use, they will be able to integrate PBT products accurately, quickly and easily.

Our BMS systems have been integrated successfully into many different network management platforms including PBT’s own Altilium power management suite, Spectrum, FirmSuite, Big Brother, Nagios and others. Who needs to buy another software platform when you can integrate into an existing one?!

CTIA Super Mobility Show and the SCTE Expo

If If you can make it to either the CTIA Tower & Small Cell Summit in Las Vegas or the SCTE ISBE Cable-Tec Expo in Philadelphia, please visit us at our respective booths. We’ll have all of our new products on display, including our new SC4, our new SCMini-Plus and our Atlilium enterprise-class critical infrastructure monitoring software.

CTIA is in Las Vegas September 7th, 8th and 9th, and PBT is in booth 3958. Register now on the home page of our web site.

SCTE ISBE Cable-Tec Expo is in Philadelphia September 27th, 28th and 29th, and PBT is in booth 1419.