Technology Breakthrough... SCMini...

Published on Jun 27 2019

Our SCMini controller, used to monitor small Cable TV customer prem sites, traffic light cabinets and Cellular cabinets has been very attractive due to its low cost, feature rich platform.

Now we’ve just made a major upgrade to the SCMini platform adding substantial new functionality and have added ease of use and security enhancements.  The new SCMini-XL will continue monitor up to two strings of 12-volt batteries (48-volt string), including voltages, ohmic measurements and individual jar temperatures.  Also included are our standard options AC current monitor, tamper switch, moisture sensor and contact closures.  

However, the SCMini-XL now adds support for extremely accurate float current monitoring, support for RIM (remote input... analog or digital inputs) and ROM (remote output) modules, provides for IPv4 and IPv6, SNMP v1, v2c and V3 as well as new CGI based web pages which replace the older Java technology.