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The value of enterprise-class monitoring
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The value of enterprise-class monitoring

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Published on Sep 18 2019

Battery monitoring is essential to the operational integrity of businesses and organizations of all sizes, providing not only alarm notification but trending data that enables prediction of potential failures and timely intervention to mitigate them. However large enterprises like those in the telecom, wireless, CATV, power, and utilities industries require a level and quality of monitoring service that matches the scale of their operations.

The need for enterprise-class monitoring

Remote battery monitoring takes the assessment of the health of your battery installations from the realm of manual testing and its attending difficulties with consistency and accuracy, and elevates it to an automated system that relays continuous data in real time. The benefits of remote battery monitoring are manifold, and include the collection and analysis of patterns in trending data, giving organizations a powerful tool for predicting the health and lifespan of individual batteries and battery banks.

In many circumstances, however, that critical data is housed on-site, in computers stationed at individual physical locations. For organizations with large-scale deployments over vast geographic areas, this approach is redundant, inefficient, and falls short of the high-level synthesis of data necessary to ensure uninterrupted functionality across all locations and operations.


The benefits of enterprise-class monitoring

Enterprise-class monitoring transfers the Focus of data housing and analysis from myriad individual sites to one central location. The gathering of data from multiple geographically separated sites to a single location where it is synthesized, analyzed, and mined for valuable insights enables organizations to maintain mission-critical functionality at a scale commensurate with their operational capacity.

PBT’s Altilium Enterprise Software is a feature-rich outside-plant monitoring software solution capable of implementation as a stand-alone application or integration into an existing network management system.

With the ability to manage tens of thousands of monitored sites, Altilium delivers not only the reliability and predictive power of remote battery monitoring—a particular boon for organizations where multiple sites are not only geographically disparate but also often in remote or hard to access areas—but the streamlined efficiency of consolidating enterprise-wide data into one centralized locale for faster and more cohesive analysis.

Organizations seeking to operate with maximum integrity and efficiency at the enterprise level are best supported when their processes and systems for battery monitoring are not only remote, continuous, and automated, but designed to be enterprise-centric as opposed to merely site-centric.

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