Visit PBT at SCTE

Category: General Published on Oct 13 2017

Hey Cable TV folks! Is it really that time of year again already? Next week the annual SCTE Expo will be held in the Colorado Convention Center, in Denver, CO, from October 17th -20th.

Come visit with us at Booth 1100 near the entrance of the convention hall.

What's New This Year

SC4-Blurry-250x93PBT will be introducing expanded monitoring and control capabilities provided by our new SC4 controller, including intelligent correlation algorithms, HVAC monitoring and control, as well as enhanced battery monitoring features including 10 times the computing power, new HTML 5.0 web pages, the ability to download log files directly from our web pages, drag and drop firmware, as well as new security features including encryption, and support for newer network protocols such as IPv6, SNMP v1, v2c, v3, SSH, and DNP3.

Altilium is our management software that ties hundreds or thousands of sites together. With support more than 400 device types, Altilium includes controllers, rectifiers, and UPSes, battery monitoring systems, and outside plant transponders.

Our national installation workforce is ringing the bell on our 1000th site installation this year. Our unique installation certification process (patents in the works) gathers as many as 20,000 pieces of information about each site's performance via our remote certification tools. These tools and our unique processes allow us to find and eliminate installation problems that might otherwise have gone unnoticed until after the technician left the site.